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Yoga - what comes to your mind when we first say this word? Exercising, meditation and a holistic well being- isn’t it? Originated in India, but spread and recognized across the length and breadth of world- yoga is not just a form of exercising and holistic living, but a form of leading life. People practicing yoga since years have described how their life has changed completely.  Actually yoga is a form of life where you learn to explore your inner self and focus on positive life approach. By doing so, you tend to live a life that is truly blissful, meaningful and dedicated towards your body’s well being. Mahamukti Yoga brings you specialized form of yoga asanas that can truly change your life’s meaning and bring an optimistic outlook towards it. We believe in giving you a natural and organic therapeutic form of leading life.

Word YOGA has so many contextual meaning Like Union, Topic ect In presents time a general man would say YOGA means a kind of Physical exercise, But when we talk about Raj Yoga or Hatha Yoga or Kunalini Yoga or Gyan Yoga That means not only a physical exercise rather a life style which sets our goal for Liberation, freedom or in other world freedom from Suffering. Thus Asana {Physical exercise} Pranayam {Breathing  exercise} Dhaynam {Meditaion} Philosophy all practices are called Yoga One who practices as in their daily life becomes  a seeker. Thus Yoga becomes a Life style not just one hours practice.

Mahamukti Yoga brings all aspect of yoga in their teachings and Practice. Mahamukti Yoga specializes in fusing four major yoga branches, viz. Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga,Vinyasa flow/yoga, Iyengar Yoga. Learn about all these forms of yoga here.

What is Hatha Yoga

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Hatha Yoga is also known as Haṭhavidyā and it is a major and prominent yoga branch. Hatha means Ha means Sun and Tha means Moon which also representing Sun amd Moon Nadi, Yog word has come from Sanskrit root called YUJ means Unite, Join or add Balance here meaning is intended is, Balance of Sun and Moon energy. According to the Yogic beliefs, Hatha Yoga has been founded by none other than deity Shiva, the force that operates the world. This Knowledge was handed down in the beginning of Humanity. It was in the 20th century that the world identified Hatha Yoga as a major and beneficial form of physical exercise. Colloquially, it is now simply called “Yoga”

Ashtanga Yoga- Understanding the concept

Ashtanga Yoga, is a more contemporary form of gymnastic exercises. It includes stretching exercises along with ancient yoga practices as well as yogic breathing. In the 20th century, this form of yoga has been known as classical form of Indian yoga. Ashtanga Yoga has become popular due to the efforts of K. Pattabhi Jois, who began his yogic studies at the age of 12 years in 1927. In the year 1948, Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute was formed in order to teach this specific yoga practice. Ashtanga, in the literal sense means eight limbs (Asht= Eight and Anaga= Limbs). In this form of yoga, asanas or physical exercises form just one branch, while breathing exercises or Pranayam form the other branch.

Vinyasa flow/yoga

Mahamukti Yoga offers its students and believers, the power yoga teachings as well. Vinyasa flow is also known as power yoga, which has become highly popular amongst one and all; especially the celebrities. This covers a range of yoga classes. At Mahamukti Yoga, we offer these classes to our students who are interested in practicing it. Vinyasa yoga is also called flow yoga because of the smoother flow of poses, which look more like dance. It is not just an interesting form of yoga, but also very effective in weight loss.

Iyengar Yoga- Learn its concept

Mahamukti Yoga also provides this form of yoga sessions to the interested students. This yoga form has been named after its developer, B. K. S. Iyengar. It is a part of Hatha Yoga. It focuses on precision, alignment and detailing. The originator of this yoga form has systematized and organized over 200 yoga poses in this form of yoga. Apart from this, there are 12 breathing exercises or pranayam asanas as a part of this form. Our yoga teachers are well versed and trained in this form of yoga.