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Some rules to follow

Yoga retreat in peaceful ambiance under the training by seasoned yoga teachers comes with certain rules and policies. Students who are willing to take admission in Yoga teacher training course should abide by the laws of the yoga institute. Yoga is not mere a physical exercise but also commands the personality of the person. It not only needs practice but also discipline in the behavior of the practitioner.

What are the Rules and Regulations that students will have to follow?

  • Yoga seeks behavioral discipline in the person: Yoga is not only an art or skill that person can attain with practice and learning. It demands discipline and obligation to rules that influence the overall development of the person. It needs to be respected with strict adherence to rules and regulations.
  • Yoga is believed to be a spiritual practice: Yoga is not only a physical exercise but it is a spiritual practice to connect with the supreme power. It needs to be practiced with due respect and dignity that it deserves. No violation of rules and regulation will be acceptable and no immoral activity will be tolerated.
  • No alcohol and Smoking: Students at Yoga teacher training course are strictly instructed to not consume alcohol and to not indulge in smoking. Yoga is considered as a spiritual exercise and no such activity will be tolerated that harms the morality of this age old holy art.
  • No wastage of food: Students who are not willing to take food during any meal time should inform in advance. Wastage of food will not be tolerated in the institution.
  • Strictly abide by the daily regimen: No lethargic attitude will be accepted on the part of students. The daily routine at yoga institute will start from early in the morning, all the students are expected to wake up on time and do all the activities as per the regimen. It is believed that students who are joining the course with their own wish will religiously abide by the rules.
  • Violation of Rules will not be accepted: If any student would be found violating rules and regulations of the institute then the student will be suspended. And the student’s fee will not be refunded. Make sure you strictly follow the rules else be ready to bear the punishment.
  • Fee will not be refunded: If after applying for the course or due to violation of rules the student is suspended, in either case fee will not be refunded. Exception will be followed only if there is serious or genuine issue that validates refund of fee.