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    Yoga Retreat and its depth: Learning in Bali
    05 – 11 Nov. 2017

    Join our 1 week / 6 days Yoga retreat in Bali which includes Yoga, Asanas / Postures, Meditation and One day Bali sightseeing.

    Prize Single occupancy – 900 Euro | Double occupancy with friends,spouse – 700 Euro

    Bali is one of the favorite destinations of tourists across the world. It is famous as the world’s best island. Yoga learners have found this place to be apt to perform asanas in the divine peace of the island. Bali is famous with the concept of Tri Hita Karana or in English; it is called as tripartite concept that explains the connection of human, God and environment. This place understands the depth of relationship between human and God and the beautiful passage of environment that paves way for both to meet each other.

    The island of Bali has the most beautiful surroundings to perform yoga. The mesmerizing view of surrounding beaches and soothing waves, sounds of birds in forests and divine peace of the place gives the best premise to perform yoga. There are different locations where students are taken for walk and doing meditation and Yoga asanas.



    How Bali makes the best spot to learn Yoga?

    • The Peaceful Island: Bali is not much populated and you will find large chunk of areas kissing the nature in a peaceful ambiance. This place gives adequate arrangement of having peaceful environment to do meditation. All you need to do while performing yoga is to master the focus and concentration and the peaceful atmosphere of Bali sets the impeccable mood to focus on your own energies.
    • Life of Bali: Life of Bali sustains in the spirit of tripartite concept that says human, God and environment has the eternal connection. This spirit of Bali and love for environment sets the perfect ambiance for any yoga practitioner to do meditation and asanas. The positive energy cherishing environment and respecting the deep connection of God and human in the orbit of environment boost the yoga students to learn with great understanding.
    • The Divinity of Bali: Bali is famous for many reasons, but one of the relevant reasons to choose it as the Yoga site is the divines presence on this land. It is believed that in ancient Bali nine sects had existed that includes Pasupata, Bhairawa, Siva Sidhanta, Bodha, Waishnava and others. Buddhism had also spread its wings to the land of Bali. In the divine atmosphere of this island, learning Yoga becomes more worthy.
    • Suitable Climate: The climate of Bali has mainly uniform climate throughout the year with moderate weather that makes it perfect destination for yoga.

  • What to expect from the Yoga retreat in Bali

    A vacation can be extraordinary, but a yoga retreat would be far better. Retreats offer much more value than going own. Not just chill at a few spots for few days, however the yoga retreats in Bali incorporates meditation and yoga classes, veggie, perhaps natural suppers, self-improvement workshops and even an incidental spa treatment.

    We offer the best Yoga Retreats in Bali! Our Yoga Retreats in Bali are chosen for their high caliber in Yoga Teacher Training. Our luxurious one week Yoga retreats in Bali, Indonesia is designed to bring in inner transformation with the healing as prime objective. The retreat content is carefully designed to incorporate essential contents like:

    • Chakra Awakening
    • Pranic breath through development
    • Centering through Classical Hatha Yoga
    • Bio-Psychosomatic breath
    • One day Balinese five component custom for recuperating in customary old Balinese Temple with Balinese priest


    Food and accommodation facilities

    You will be served light breakfast with crisp organic products, yogurt, and top quality granola. Espresso and natural tea are constantly accessible in the kitchens of Bali. Our faculty would be delighted to guide you towards the correct places according to your dietary inclinations. Bali has a wide range of eateries, including veggie lover, vegetarian, gluten free, and natural sustenance. Rejuvenate your energy with a solid juice, natural teas, and espresso. There is a little shop with yoga and wellbeing items. The warm welcoming staff will be ready to help you with correct indications towards of Bali’s stunning attractions, or help in any extent they can.

    The ancient nineteenth century joglo places of Javanese individuals were wooden casing structures created from premium teakwood in the memorable towns of Kudus and Demak in Central Java – a region where talented craftsmans have built up the specialty of cutting wood to the most astounding level of refinement. To manufacture a joglos was a skill, a performance and the artiste would be on fast and meditate before performing particular activities in the building procedure. In java, Joglos are realated with the past and are gradually vanishing, so we utilized this antique wood to imitate this customary design lodges who offer you a cut of nearby culture and history. 100% of the wood utilized have been reused from those old house and we save all rooftop rainwater in huge tank introduced below the buildings.

    Conventional Private Cottage

    The porch at the entrance overlooks our sumptuous garden and the salt water pool region, offering space for relaxing, reading or to take a delightful breakfast. Each old fashioned bungalow is a one of a kind working in customary reused teak wood, offering a piece of Indonesian history. Past the passageway porch is the living zone, where a comfortable environment welcomes you. The private home incorporate one extra large bed + 1 single bed, or three single bed. The Zen motivated washroom is behind the living space and offers you to take shower under the blue sky of Bali, or under its stars!

    Yoga Shala inclusions

    • YOGA SHALA named as “Big Shala” measurements are 11 x 17 m , outdoors with fan
    • Sound system with PC/Ipod inputs
    • Video projector with dropdown screen, 2 flip talk, twofold sided white board
    • Mats, pads, supports, straps, pieces
    • Free mineral water

    Rooms inclusion

    • Daily breakfast
    • Free mineral water
    • Water radiator, Mini cooler
    • Safety box
    • Hot water Shower
    • Fan and AirCon
    • High Speed Wi-fi get to
    •  Terrace
    • Salt-Water pool
    • Access to spa offices: Infrared sauna, Herbal steam sauna, hot and cool shower.