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  • Rejuvenating with Yoga Retreat in Cyprus

    Yoga is not limited to its origin land India in today’s age. Its rejuvenating impact has been left upon people across the world and that makes it, the top choice to be adopted all over the world. People need peace and healthy body and mind, which can be achieved with consistent practice of Yoga. You can do yoga at your home or anywhere, with effective signs. But for those who are learning yoga to teach others in future, should master this art by learning it in the best possible location under the best guidance.

    Cyprus, an island in Europe touching Turkey in north, is found to be having suitable location to perform yoga. The island has subtropical climate and it is one of the largest populated islands of Mediterranean because of the suitable climatic condition and facilities best suited for human life. It is actually exciting and delightful experience to perform yoga on the sandy beaches of Cyprus. The morning climate of Cyprus is quite soothing. Peace of the surroundings with beautiful sounds of waves makes the experience not less than a paradise.

    What makes Cyprus a perfect destination to learn Yoga?

    • The Geography of the Island: Cyprus is situated in the eastern basin of Mediterranean sea and is endowed with most beautiful location. It has mesmerizing and soothing vibrations in its environment that gives a Yoga learner, a divine peace. It helps the students of yoga teacher training course at Mahamukti to learn with better concentration and positive attitude in this rejuvenating geography of Cyprus.
    • Climatic Conditions: Cyprus has the sub-tropical and semi-arid climate in few parts of this region. The climatic condition gives a soothing and suitable ambiance to a Yoga learner. The island is not disturbed by unwanted climatic conditions. The nature’s activity is in smooth process in this region, which sets the mood of stability for yoga students. They feel more focused and blissful to learn this ancient art.
    • Exciting Workshops: Workshops and philosophical lessons become more exciting in the environment like this. Learning the divine relation of Yoga and God in the peaceful nature of Cyrus helps students understand the concepts in a deeper manner.
    • Suitable Settings for Yoga: You will find all the facilities like Yoga ashrams, peaceful and lonely place along with other arrangements required for learning yoga in the island of Cyprus.

  • The yoga teacher training lasts one month  (divided into two modules / 2 weeks)  and includes the following points:

    • Yogasana  (poses)
    • Advanced  asanas  from Hatha Yoga tradition
    • Advanced Techniques of  asanas and by Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga
    • Human anatomy: the skeletal system, muscular system, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system
    • Anatomy and physiology in relation to Yoga: prevention of disease, etc.
    • The different layers of the human body  (Koshas)
    • Pranayama – various breathing techniques  (eg Kumbhaka & Kapalabhati)
    • Meditation  (Chakra Meditation, Kundalini meditation, guided meditation from the Vedas and other dynamic meditations)
    • Raja Yoga  (mental training and meditation to make full use of the human psyche: subconsciousness, consciousness and super-consciousness)
    • Yoga Nidra  (progressive relaxation)
    • Science of chakra system  (energy centers)
    • Nutrition: yogic nutrition principles that 3 Gunas etc.
    • Ayurveda : type-specific diet, the different doshas etc.
    • Bandhas  (energy locks)
    • Mudras  (yogic gestures as mentioned in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika)
    • Trataka  (concentrated view)
    • Bhakti Yoga:  bhajans, Satsang Kirtan
    • The eight stages of yoga by  Patanjali
    • The different paths, directions and Yoga Masters
    • Yoga philosophy:  Bhagavat Gita  lessons and  Vedanta  Study
    • practical teaching methodology: concrete, individual corrections for teaching

    The course is suitable for students of all levels. Prerequisite is a basic knowledge of  yoga asanas  and an average fitness and health. After completion of both modules of training with passing the exam, participants receive the  Yoga Alliance recognized certificate YTTC 200 Hours RYS.

    Exemplary daily routine:

    • 06:30: Meditation / Kriya
    • 08:00: Yoga asana
    • 10:00: Breakfast
    • 11:00: Chanting
    • 12:00: Ayurveda / Patnjali Yoga Sutra / Anatomy
    • 13:00: Lunch / Karma Yoga / Leisure
    • 16:00: Yoga asana / pranayama / Unterrichtsmethodik
    • 19:00: Dinner
    • 20:00: Satsang, Question & Answer Session

    There are one and a half day per week at leisure / Self Study and play. Participation in the full program is compulsory for obtaining the certificate. Classes are held in German and English.