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    Rejoice learning Yoga in Goa: Healing in Blissful Ambiance

    Goa is known to the world for its utmost blissful ambiance that pulls tourists across the globe. It is the most frequently visited place by tourists to enjoy the soothing waves at beach, for its rejuvenating breeze and amazing beauty of nature. Have you wondered how would it feel to practice Yoga in such a blissful environment? Well, it is way more delightful that you expect it to be. Yoga itself has the healing and refreshing power that makes the person strong and positive. The impact of Yoga is more evident and effective when done with positive attitude and compatible environment. Goa fulfills the need of being the right partner of rejoicing practice of Yoga.

    The Yoga teacher training program is conducted in the idyllic atmosphere of Goa with all the facilities provided to students. Private room with attached bathroom, proper healthy meal and strict schedule will be bestowed upon students to attain excellence in Yoga practice

    Arambol is the biggest coastal village in Goa’s Pernem district. Situated at nearly 32 kms northwest from Mapusa and around 50 kms from the Panjim, village comprises of conventional fishing community and also has a perfect and cool holiday atmosphere.



    Why Goa is chosen as the impeccable site to learn Yoga?

    • Zealous atmosphere: The atmosphere of Goa is full of zeal that charges the person with positive vibrations. What is most important to practice yoga is to carry the right attitude and Goa is the place which fulfills the requirement of having positive aura.
    • Best Climatic Conditions: The climatic conditions of Goa are suitable to practice Yoga as fresh air, peaceful environment and appropriate climate can help you have the best benefits of it. Its climate is not extreme and it is situated on the coastal line which makes the mornings more peaceful and soothing to do Yoga asanas.
    • Peaceful ambiance: It is an incredible experience to practice yoga in the soothing breeze of Goa beaches. Yoga needs concentration and focus and it is best served with appropriate peaceful ambiance that Goa offers.
    • More effective in Compatible Environment: Yoga gives more healing benefits to the person when it is practiced in peace, delightful ambiance, close to the natural atmosphere. Fresh air and peaceful ambiance makes yoga more effective. The positivity of the climate and surroundings are transmitted to the person with Yoga.



    Why students enjoy doing Yoga in Goa?

    Students of yoga teacher training can learn in a better way with zealous attitude in Goa atmosphere. It makes them more enthusiastic and participative in practicing yoga. You don’t need facilities to practice yoga. You just need compatible environment and positive attitude, both of which are served by beautiful environment of Goa.

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  • Yoga teacher training in Goa 2017 – 2018

    Join Yoga Alliance USA certified 200 hour Yoga teacher training course program in Goa, India from time to time. Interested future yogis can now apply and book their seats in advance. Limited seat intake.

    Euro 100 off if full fees is paid before 3 months of course date

    YTTC Dates Fees (USD) Status
    4th Oct. to 28th Oct 2017 Single -1600 Two Sharing – 1400 Open
    1st Nov to 25th Nov 2017 Single -1600 Two Sharing – 1400 Open
    28th Nov to 22nd Dec 2017 Single -1600 Two Sharing – 1400 Open
    7th Jan to 31st Jan 2018 Single -1600 Two Sharing – 1400 Open
    5th Feb to 1st Mar 2018 Single -1600 Two Sharing – 1400 Open
    5th Mar to 29th Mar 2018 Single -1600 Two Sharing – 1300 Open




    How to reach Goa Center at The Whispering Lakes, Dando Arambol beach

    The best way is to fly to Goa from Mumbai or from Delhi. In winter time there are so many charter flights coming directly to Goa but that you have to see for your convenience.

    From Doblim Goa air port there are AC/NON AC cars are available on prepaid basis you can rely on them by paying them advance out side of the air-port. It May cost 1500 to 1600 approx. INR to The Whispering Lakes, Dando Arambol beach, Goa