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Yoga has touched the remote corners of the world with its miraculous Natural healing powers and rejuvenating positivity. It has changed the lives of people.It is not only a passage of passing from sickness to healthy life, but is also about celebrating the joy of life with positive attitude. It bestows upon the mental peace to the practitioner and makes the person believe in him. In today’s era, Yoga is not mere a Natural resistant power to remain strong and  healthy, but is the passion of people who have excelled the art to experience its priceless joy.

Yoga practitioners, who have mastered the art, love to spread this knowledge. Yoga teacher training is becoming popular with people gaining utmost delight of life and becoming passionate to teach others and help them have the share of this joy.



Yoga teacher training overview that can help you know this better:

  • Yoga Anatomy: The students at Yoga teacher training are introduced with Yoga anatomy to better understand the art and learn it with deep connection and understanding of the body. It is important to understand each and every body part to understand the impact of Yoga asanas in natural healing the person. The muscles, tissues, bones, the different processes taking place inside the body need to be understood in depth to cement reliable relationship with Yoga.
  • Yoga Philosophy: Yoga is not alone about practicing the asanas; it is also about understanding the spiritual connection. It is about introspecting, self-realization and healing problems with own positivity. Students at yoga teacher training courses are made to learn the art of believing in oneself. It is about understanding how yoga helps the person to connect with the supreme power.
  • Yoga Self healing : Students are introduced with certain Asana, postures and Pranayama, diet that should complement yoga and other part of Yoga Self healing , Regular practice of Yoga asanas are done with students to make them excel the art and teach the best to their following students.
  • Disciplined Schedule and Ethics: Students at Yoga teacher training course have to abide by the disciplined schedule. They have to follow the regular schedule and will also have to obey the ethics. Yoga is a spiritual and pure art that needs to be done with utmost sincerity. When you are willing to take charge of teaching yoga to others, you first have to be the most sincere student of it.
  • Chanting _ Mantra chanting and Singing creates High healing sound Vibration to Rejuvenate the internal organs to heal itself. Sound and Vibrations are our daily life creation and distraction, certain Vibration{ sound can take you to deep meditative state and other sound can caret madness. Certain Vedic chants are created to take seeker in to deep Meditation.
  • Meditation is another tool for quietness , peace and Harmony. We teach Active and guided mediation.