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200 hour yoga certification course

Learn to become Yoga Teacher under 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour Yoga teacher training course is the brilliant program for yoga beginners and also for the ones who have completed Yoga at decent stage. It is the certified program that will be taught to students in the most compatible environment along with the facilities of proper accommodation, disciplined schedule and healthy food. It is the impeccable program that will be taught under seasoned teachers who have excelled the roots of Yoga and are spreading the joy of this age-old art to the next generation.



200 hour yoga course

Find out what the schedule of 200 hour Yoga TTC embraces:

If you are willing to opt for 200 hour Yoga TTC then get prepared for strict, yet soothing and rejuvenating daily schedule. It will involve waking up early in the morning and doing basic Yoga that is Pranayama, early in the morning. It will be followed by different classes of different Yoga asanas. The theoretical classes of Yoga will also be included to let students understand the core of Yoga that connects the person with supreme power.



Syllabus of 200 hour teacher training course:

200 hour yoga in india

  • Introduction to Yoga: Introduction to Yoga will be given.Its evolution and origin will be taught to students to understand its relevance.
  • Yoga Philosophy: The philosophical connection to Yoga will be taught to students.The art of introspecting and how it heals the person from within and not alone physically, shall be passed on to the students by Mahamukti Yoga teachers.
  • Yoga Anatomy: Introduction to body parts and how yoga postures helps body parts to be in their best state is also taught to students under 200 hour TTC.
  • Learning PanchKoksha: It means learning about five sheaths over consciousness.It involves learning the conscious state of the gross body, getting aware of five elements that constitutes human body, seven tissues, five important airs, energy channels that paves way for our approach towards life, learning about the subtle body or the subconscious state and the causal body that is equal to unconscious state.
  • Meditation and Chanting: Meditation is the integral part of Yoga. The latter is not only about practicing the asanas, but also is the exercise of raising consciousness of the inner self. It is about getting close with the self and reaching God with own positive vibrations.
  • Yoga Postures and Shatkarma: Students are made to learn asanas that are helpful in healing of different health problems. Shatkarma is the Yoga practice to clean body and throwing out negativities.


Interested to join our Yoga teacher training course?

Checkout our 200 hour Yoga teacher training dates to be held in various locations of India such as Rishikesh, Goa & Dharamsala and few YTTC are held abroad in other countries.