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Get the training of Yoga under 300/500 hours Yoga TTC

Yoga teacher training course offered by us involves 300/500 hours Yoga TTC. The course is offered to those students who have passed the 200 hours Yoga teacher training course. It is the advanced level of learning Yoga and those who have mastered the initial stage with hard work and practice would be able to conquer this training. This course demands more time and more command over the body to learn the difficult asanas. The schedule would be primarily same as what you have learn’t in 200 hours yoga training program, but the level of difficulty and number of hours that you devote shall increase.

300/500 hours yoga teacher training course would allow you to achieve the perfection in Yoga practice. It will help you develop as a person and achieve positive with your own hard work and great dedication. Yoga will inspire you to consistently give your best efforts to learn as much as you can and shed away all the negativity that have dominated you ever before. It is not only an exercise, but also a personality development course that does not just give fine finishing to your outer appearance but also enhances wider understanding of world and God.



What are the contents of 300/500 hours Yoga TTC?

  • Hatha Yoga or Yoga Asanas: The level of Yoga Asanas will be taken to next level difficulty. You will continue to practice what you have learnt in the initial stage, but the difficult asanas for different diseases will be taught to students under this program. Till this stage, your body becomes flexible and friendly to learn more difficult poses.
  • Chanting and Shatkarma: Regular chanting of mantras and ‘om’ will be the part of your schedule. It is the regular exercise that you must continue even when the course will get terminated. It is the natural healing exercise of being a positive person and shedding away all the negativity. Shatkarma or the body cleansing yoga asanas will also remain part of your schedule.
  • Yoga Nidra or Yoga breathing: Yoga nidra will be introduced to students where they will learn different exercise on yoga breathing. Breathing is the integral and basic part of yoga. It is the basic system on which all the asans work upon.
  • Workshop on Yoga Philosophies: Films, documentaries, discussions and workshop on yoga philosophies will be an added attraction to the course in this level.